Permanent Residency – Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

Do you want to apply for permanent residency of Australia or General Skilled Migration visa? This Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated Visa may be an attractive option for you.

The benefits of 190 Australia visa are below:

  • Stay in the state that you like to live and is nominating you.
  • Enrol in Medical Facility and health care system of Australia, which is world class.
  • No Fees in the Public School
  • Buy Property in Australia
  • Invest or Run your own business
  • Eligible to apply in many government organisation for number of roles.
  • Be part of vibrant community of Australia.
  • Eligibility to get Citizenship of Australia.
  • Indefinite stay while in Australia, but multiple entry for 5 years.

There are various eligibility criteria for 190 visa, few are listed below:

  • Get your Skills assessed by relevant Skill Assessing Authority.
  • Prepare for English Exam and meet the english requirement for the 190 Visa.
  • Have your occupation on the Short Term List, look no further.
  • Health Requirement for 190 Visa.
  • Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Meet the minimum points requirement for 190 visa.

You need to be in the skill select system and submit an an Expression Of Interest or EOI in order to be considered and receive invite to apply for the permanent resident visa.

The Skill Select System is  point based system, the higher the point, the higher the chances of you getting your invite.

To be eligible for the permanent residency of Australia through the 190 visa, you are required to make the points through the following criteria’s:

  • Age
  • English Proficiency
  • Qualifications
  • Work Experience
  • Other factors.

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