IELTS Classes

Premises: 3rd Floor, Sai Baba Apartment, Valsad Gujarat

IELTS ( International English Language testing System) is a unique education system, designed and trusted amongst many organisations, including government. It judges and marks a student, based on their Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing skills and abilities.

Our Aim is to provide you and equip you with all the necessary tools, and techniques to get your desired score in IELTS.

Practice Practice Practice is also our mantra, but with a twist. We have tried and tested methods and approach to same problem, and we try to understand, and breakdown where the actual problem/challenge is and we accept it, and work towards a working solution.

Our approach is positive, and we aim to provide quality services at all times. Our premises are loaded with material (relevant), with Library to study at your own leisure and time.

Our IELTS classes run from 8Am in the morning till 7pm in the evening, with an option to alter these timings to cater more students.

We are also working towards amalgamating few ideas to provide you with a unique and practical solution.

Come visit us on 3rd Floor, Sai Baba Apartment, Valsad Gujarat, and I am sure our competitive pricing will leave you stunned, and of-course, not at the cost of quality of training.

Or we can be contacted on +919173169937 or +61411655335 or just send us an email on