IELTS Speaking Tips

There are some great tips available on internet, and there are lots of great videos and demonstration on IELTS speaking. However, I find that not all tips are practical, and provide in depth details that is required for a person who has english as second language.

At Study And Immigration IELTS coaching centre, here in Valsad, in our IELTS coaching, we take a different approach. We share our invaluable experience that will help you excel and improve your speaking.

Without further a do, here are some of the tips that will help you prepare and get better bands, and in fact make you a better speaker, not only for IELTS speaking but in real life.

Disclaimer: Some of the tips might be overlapping with others

  1. Stop Translating in your head :- this you might have heard a million times, but it is not possible to stop this isnt it? Well it it, firstly we need to practice. Practice is absolutely necessary. We need to listen to video on Ted Education, and follow the transcript along with it. Practice practice pronunciations, and try to imitate the way they are speaking, its ok, we don’t have the native accent, but try to pronounce. Use the transcript, replay the video multiple times, until you are confident on that video and then move on.
  2. Read and understand the transcripts of Ted Videos- Try to get the gist of the article, its not easy, but its not difficult either. Read as many times as you want, use dictionary, and help from your friends to improve and understand the meaning, if having difficulty. The once understood, try to write a small paragraph, based on the idea, and read it aloud. This will help in IELTS reading and Speaking, as well as writing. This is a must.
  3. Practice speaking with Google Assistant, Try to give it some instruction and use it to clear your pronunciations.
  4. Use Idea generation method such as below:

Cue Card:

Describe your last visit to museum?

Where is it located?

Highlight some of the interesting facts that you remember?

You visited with your family or in a group? Do you think travelling alone is good or with friends and family?

Imagine if we have the above Cue card presented to us in the IELTS speaking exam. We have a minute. Use the following method below:

Write the main words of the question, not in a table format, but just jot them down, I have used tabular format to visually seperate the ideas.

Last Visit LocationFacts Groups/Along
June Germany Actor names with Friends it’s better
It was rainingWar Museum Weapons
I took leave World war artillery
holiday after a long time

We have very less time, Do not spend time writing large sentences, just jot down ideas.

Then use the below structure to formulate your ideas perfectly. Now you dont have to think about ideas, just focus on sentence creation and grammar.

Topic – Question related stuff that we would be speaking, using the above points.

Off Topic – Try to go around the topic and add some relevant but unnecessary stuff to extend and add some ideas into your sentences, and speech. So that you can speak a little longer than just the topic

Topic – Get back to the topic and start talking about things related to the question using the points.

It is very important to add some unnecessary information in between the topic, because if we only stick to the topic, we wont have much to speak about.

I hope the above is helpful tip.

I will be posting more detailed tips on IELTS speaking soon.



Study And Immigration IELTS Centre Valsad.

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