Brand New IELTS Coaching Classes in Valsad

Our IELTS Coaching Class is conveniently located opposite of the Head Post Office in Valsad. It’s fully equipped facility, and warm and welcoming environment is amazingly great.

Our aim is to ensure that the student is not only loaded with tons of positive experience, but also is designed to help them feel the difference, and let them make mistakes. Without making mistakes, we would never know, where were we wrong.

Ensuring that the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking modules are covered in the way Cambridge IELTS team have prescribed, we follow a designed pattern, covering both prescribed way and real life experience.

We create our own IELTS material using various techniques and articles, to help students get exposure to real life world, learn new things, improve their general knowledge, along with some life skills.

In IELTS, there are two types of exam, IELTS Academic and IELTS General. Both are designed to cater of different purposes. Mainly, IELTS Academic exam is taken by Pupils, who are interested in studying abroad such as Australia or Canada. And IELTS General exam is for patrons interested in migrating abroad or various other reasons.

IELTS has four parts to it, Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. Each module is designed to test your ability in its own realm. Various methods, and questions are designed to gauge your understanding and interpretation.

Listening in IELTS comprises of mix of questions, but its true sense is to measure your listening capability, and understanding your grip over the language. IELTS uses various synonyms, mix words, and other bits, not to confuse you, but to test your understanding of English. They are not there to trick you, but test your active listening. We will be sharing various tips and tricks on it.

IELTS Reading is similar, idea is to test your reading skills, how quickly you can skim and scan the paragraphs or idea presented in the excerpt. And you have to answer various mix of questions.

IELTS Speaking is all about fluency, grammar, and presenting your idea in a form, where you can hold conversation.

IELTS Writing is about testing you’re writing skills, in here, spellings and grammar matter the most. In addition, they test your flow of ideas, and relevancy to the topic.

We aim to provide comprehensive practice, and real life like IELTS exam scenario, but with options to fail, make mistakes and learn. In addition, we help reduce your fear of speaking in public, or holding conversation with unknowns, and improving your vocabulary, slowly and steadily.

It all starts wit you making the right choice, without hard work, we cannot achieve what we desire, but with right intention, and support, everything is possible.

Our mission is to never break this trust, and once you do decide to study with us, its our promise to help you learn.

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